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Redstar - Quality BJJ lifestyle brand!


Many have been waiting, and finally it's here. New and improved models are here.


New for 2016, PRESALE is OPEN (Final Update - August 3rd- we start shipping August 20th):

3 new models - Black Knight is back, better than before. White Knight - white on white model and the Royal Blue Light Competition are on their way. Check them out on the SHOP page.


We produce some of the highest quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi or Kimonos on the market. We introduced our fight gear (gloves, boxing and mma, target pads, muay thai pads and more. It got sold out within 1 day. Our batches are small, but the quality is highest, do not miss limited editions kimonos or fight gear. More new models coming by the end of the year.


Our TREASURE CHEST page is open! You can find the best BJJ Gi deals ever. How does $70 including shipping for a gi sound?


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Crazy deals on BJJ Gis

BJJ Gi Buy Now


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